Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Relief from Nanina's

Tom Casella, the Manager of Nanina's In The Park, sent in the following story we think you will enjoy:

"I met Donna Mascara and Tom Einn in November of 2011 and found out that they met on line as many couples do now and started the process with them of planning their wedding reception. We found them the date of 8/23/11 and all was well….until Irene! They took my suggestion to book our house band, The Infernos, house photographer Milton Gil Photography and Palermo's bakery for their wedding cake. Donna waited a while to get married…. She is in her 40’s and wanted to get her career in order and find the right person. They were truly in love. I know. I have met a lot of couples in my career.
On August 23rd, Donna hysterically called me and was panicked due to the impending hurricane due to hit our area Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. Getting married can get you nervous to begin with, but an impending hurricane on the East Coast can put you over the top. We gave her the opportunity to move her date to the next available date that would work with all vendors, The Infernos, Milton Gil and Palermo's, and most importantly the church. On top of all this, her honeymoon was booked for Italy and they were leaving on the 30th! We found the date of November 6, 2011 that would work for all! Donna and Tom were married on Thursday the 25th in their church and we will see them in November."

What Tom did not mention was that Nanina's never brought up the expenses that had already occurred as a thoughtful thing to do for the newlyweds.

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