Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nanina's Continues To Make TV Appearances!

Once again, Nanina's will appear on television. You can check us out this Sunday, Oct. 30th at 8 pm EDT, the Style Network's new show called the "Glam Fairy". The show features Alexa, a well-known makeover artist who has been on a previous Style Network series, "Jerseylicious". Her goal is to make every woman in America beautiful. Not a bad idea, eh? Nanina's makes beautiful weddings.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nanina's On TV Again!

Congratulations to Cosimo and Renee on their beautiful wedding which was aired this past weekend on "Four Weddings". While they did not win the honeymoon vacation (mainly due to the weather which prevented the ceremony from being held outdoors), they by had the best food scores and they were the best dancers of all! They even featured a "lift" (like the one in "Dirty Dancing") and could easily be winners on "Dancing With The Stars" if they wanted to. Truly inspiring.